Manage Animal Adopter Applicants. Simply.

Keep track of your rescue or shelter animal adoption applicants with an easy to use FREE online tool. CUDDLY ID.

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Keep the details of an applicant in one place. Simply and Securely.

Welcome to the easiest and most powerful way to keep track of your rescue and shelter adoption applicants. 

Collect character references. Automatically.

CUDDLY ID automatically sends a text message and email to the character references provided by the adopter with a link to complete a quick survey on the applicant. Their remarks automatically show in the adopter’s file to save you time. 

Verify adopters are who they say they are. In seconds.

Adopters can verify their identification and address using their drivers licence, phone number, or passport through 3rd party identity verification services. This process only takes seconds thanks to our trusted partner, globaliD.

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Choose the best adopter for each animal. With the help of A.I.

CUDDLY ID recommends which applicants might be best for your specific animal’s needs. This makes it easier for you to give your animals the best possible home for the unique circumstances of each animal.

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More ways CUDDLY ID makes adoptions easier

Affiliate Income

Get additional income for your animal rescue from trusted pet industry brands. Get paid when adopter applicants opt in and purchase  affiliate offers you have approved.

Collect Adoption Fees (Optional)

Do you collect an animal adopter application fee? Now you can easily collect an adoption fee online when the adopter submits an application. 

Home Inspection Photos & Notes (Optional)

Have adopters upload photos or videos of their home. Or do your own in-person home inspection and add photos, videos and notes on the adopter to stay organized.

Animal Abuser Check & Do Not Adopt List 

Learn if an applicant is on a public animal abuser registry. Remember the adopters you rejected in the past. Add other rescues or shelters as friends to share notes (Coming Soon)

Criminal Background Checks (Optional)

Want more information on your adopters? You have the option to send adoption applicants through a full criminal background check to identify animal abuse and hoarding misdimeaners and felonies. 

Keep in Touch with Past Adopters

Connect lost animals with their owners. If a lost animal is returned, your rescues or shelters can obtain the adopter’s current contact information. 

Your Adoption Consultants

We are here to help you every step of the way in your your adoption of CUDDLY ID into your animal rescue or shelter. 


What They Are Saying

“I think this is great and so simple. I really like the reference and background check.”

“With CUDDLY ID we can accept out of state applications or applications in areas we don’t have volunteers to do the in person home checks.”

“I tried to adopt a rescue animal  awhile back and gave up because the application process was too confusing. It would have been much easier with CUDDLY ID.”

Gavin, Pet Parent

Simplify animal adoptions today.

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Helping you ID the right adopter to give your animals a healthy life and a loving home.

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